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NGOs supporting F2020

Campus Europae – our partners!

The face behind Campus Europae is Professsor Christoph Ehmann.
Campus Europae is implementing innovative mobility programmes for students with a strong emphasize on European citizenship and the cultural and linguistic dimension of a mobility period.


Student mobility is not high enough on the agenda of national and European policy-makers compared to other sectors, it has however a very significant impact on a systemic and individual level. Hence, we believe that a substantial increase in funding for learning mobility will shape the future of our continent and the understanding among young Europeans.


As the very first European Citizenship Initiative, F2020 has the opportunity to show how important learning mobility is for European citizens and in this regard it is already a success! Now we need to look further and contribute as much as possible in gathering the required signatures within the one-year timeframe.

Do you like this interview? Then like their Facebook page, too! https://www.facebook.com/campuseuropae


About Nadia Boni

Hey young Europeans! I’m 24, I hold a Bachelor degree in Education Studies and German language from the University of Cambridge and a Master of European Studies from the University of Vienna. If I'm good at anything, that's languages and integrating internationally. Fraternite2020 is my first blogging experience and I am responsible for the technical side and the interviews with academics on Sundays. I got involved with F2020 in the summer of 2012 when it was clear that Croatia, my home country, was definitely joining the EU and F2020 needed support in the newest wannabe member state. Since then, I attended a Citizenship Fair in Malta in October 2012 where I represented Fraternite2020 as the first registered ECI in the EU and flew over to Brussels for a 2-day workshop on moving our F2020 campaign forward. I hope you recognise in this blog with how much rigour and passion young people in the Citizens’ Committee of F2020 go about making their voice heard and how strongly they believe in the future of EU exchange programmes and youth mobility in the EU in general. Enjoy the blog and get in touch with your story at NadiaBonifacic@fraternite2020.eu!


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